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Complete Service Provider

With our extensive product line, fully trained and knowledgeable service staff and our 30 years of experience behind us, Smith Cameron can be your one-stop partner for all pump and blower equipment sales, servicing and repair needs.

We are able to give you complete application and equipment selection support and provide you with a true lifetime partnership. From initial consultation and installation of your pump solution through its maintenance and servicing requirements, Smith Cameron will assist you in every conceivable manner.

Quick Support and Easy Service for British Columbia and Alberta Customers

With support centres in Surrey, B.C., and in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Smith Cameron can quickly assess and repair your machinery’s worn or damaged parts. For repairs that require extensive servicing, our recently expanded headquarters in Surrey, British Columbia is a fully equipped 10,000 square foot (929 m2) facility with a wide assortment of machine tools.

We are constantly adding to our machine tools and in September 2010 we added a Yangzhou 25” x 120” gap bed lathe, FortWorth Milling Machine with axis controller and 20” x 86” bed, and a B & F Mfg. Quadra Jet 225 parts washer. These tools and the others that we have make our facility adept to handle any machine problem, whether it’s for pumps or blowers, and quickly repair it.

Specialized Pump Repair and Servicing

Our product service and repair experience includes pumps, and blower repair of all sizes. Smith Cameron also specializes in vertical turbine pump re-bowls using Flowserve vertical turbine pumps. We provide high quality horizontal and vertical single stage and multi-stage pump repair for most makes, configurations, sizes and materials including ANSI and API-610.

We repair liquid ring vacuum pumps, positive displacement blowers and multi-stage centrifugal blowers and exhausters. Give us a call at 1-800-663-5841 or contact us to discuss your specific needs and one of our trained staff members will be able to assist you.

Integrated and Packaged Solutions Tailored For Your Needs

In addition to our service and repair strengths, SCPS has produced many successful fully integrated system and packaged assemblies for a full range of automated process applications including VFD controlled water booster packages, chemical feed systems, potable water disinfection and monitoring, complete turnkey water treatment, and polymer feed packages.

We can help you find a custom solution for your specific needs that also fits your budget. Contact us to discuss your options.